Class - 10

Unit 1: India and the Contemporary World - II (History)

Section 1: Events and Processes:

1. The Rise of Nationalism in Europe:

• The French Revolution and the Idea of the Nation
• The Making of Nationalism in Europe
• The Age of Revolutions: 1830-1848
• The Making of Germany and Italy
• Visualizing the Nation
• Nationalism and Imperialism

2. Nationalism in India:

• The First World War, Khilafat and Non - Cooperation
• Differing Strands within the Movement
• Towards Civil Disobedience
• The Sense of Collective Belonging

Section 2: Livelihoods, Economies and Societies: Any one theme of the following:

3. The Making of a Global World:

• The Pre-modern world
• The Nineteenth Century global economy, colonialism)
• The Inter war Economy (Great Depression)
• Rebuilding the World Economy

4. The Age of Industrialization:

• Before the Industrial Revolution
• Hand Labour and Steam Power
• Industrialization in the colonies
• Factories Come Up
• The Peculiarities of Industrial Growth
• Market for Goods

Section 3: Everyday Life, Culture and Politics:

5. Print Culture and the Modern World:

• The First Printed Books
• Print Comes to Europe
• The Print Revolution and its Impact
• The Reading Mania
• The Nineteenth Century
• India and the World of Print
• Religious Reform and Public Debates
• New Forms of Publication

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