22 April

Pre-Medival India

Detailed Explantation of all dynasty:- Garwal dynasty, Chauhan dynasty, Chandel dynasty, Parmar dynasty, Chalukya dynasty, pal dynasty, Sena dynasty, etc…

19 April

Gupta Period

Gupta Period/Empire (319 AD – 540 AD) is also known as the Golden Era of India history. Read more about- Sources, Sri Gupta, Chandragupta I, Harshvardhan…

16 April

Rise of Magadha

Magadha was an ancient kingdom its rise to supremacy during the period of Bimbisara and finally became a first great empire at the time of Nanda

12 April

16 Mahajanapadas, Buddhism & Jainism

Ancient India Historic period 16 Mahajanapadas Information from Buddhist text named Angutara Nikaye  Joined text named Bhagwati Sutra. 16 Mahajanapadas 16 great kingdoms S.No. MAHAJANPADA CAPITAL MODERN LOCATION OF 16 …